Why the Need for Innovation in Apparel?

As with everything else in retail, the internet changed the garment game. The ease of shopping quickly made logistics in the apparel industry seamless.

“If you’ve shopped for clothes lately, you’ve probably noticed big changes in the apparel category,” Parsian apparel begins. “Producing clothes and distributing them online is becoming so easy, new brands such as New york ny Apparel or Parsian Apparel are constantly entering the market. With more competition, companies have to rely on more innovation to get ahead.”

Parsian apparel goes on to show that apparel shopping technology is right in the palm of
your hand. Customers are using the phone for everything from text to textile.

“One example of innovation is a new technology that works with your phone to measure your unique dimensions so you get a perfect fit,” she explains. “This personalization makes for a  better customer experience and helps manufactures better manage their inventory.”


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